About Us


Our Approach

We love what we do- it is not a job or career, but a passion. We want to create an image more than we want to breathe. It is our life and a great one. Let us work for you and show you what we mean.

Our Story

I have been taking pictures since I was 13 years old. I knew I found something that touched my life. I want to create images, for you , for me , for anyone that will look thru my eyes as I try to show you what I see and how I see it.

Meet the Team

There are many people who come together to make this a great Group of people. Each one unique in their own way and it brings an interesting perspective to the images we create.

Tim Smith

Founder & CEO

Degree in Photojournalism. I love to be active. I play ice hockey, tennis, roller blade, bicycle and travel when ever I can. I have been to every country in the world. *

With one footnote. I was in Czechoslovakia before they split and became the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Carolyn Foltz

Vice President

The backbone of the company. Keeping everyone on time and in tune with what we are producing and for whom.

Shafonz Govan


Ensuring quality control and consistency in everything we do for our clients.

Next Steps…

We cannot help you are produce what you want or need until you call us and give us that one chance to blow your minds with what we can achieve.

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